About Us

After returning home in 2004, I fell back into the same pre-deployment work-out patterns, and in fact put on over 30 pounds! To say I was frustrated is being polite, then in July 2007, I was turned on to CrossFit.

There it was: Pure, simple and intense athleticism in an intelligently designed package! My first two WODs were “Cindy” and “Tabata Something Else”. As I was on the ground gasping for air, I was absolutely hooked, and from that point forward became a convert.

Lighter, stronger and more cardio capacity later I decided that a CrossFit gym was sorely needed in my hometown, and the rest is history.

I currently hold a:

  • CrossFit Level I Certification
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Certification
  • CrossFit Barbell Certification
  • Newton Sports Explosive Lifting Training Certificate
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Certification
  • USA Weightlifting Senior Level Coaching Certification
Gil Petruska – Owner and Head Coach
Contact Gil at gil@razorsedgefitness.com 

CrossFit is the most comprehensive approach to fitness I’ve ever encountered. I’ve spent the better part of my life engaged in regular PT and sports, but it wasn’t until my deployment to Iraq in 2003-04, that the gaps in my PT program became obvious to me.

I had no idea of what CrossFit was, but my buddy, CPT Mickey Lyon, and I knew the current model for physical training was not meeting the needs of soldiers. We defined the need as improved “athleticism”. I now realize we were chasing FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.