CrossFit training requires less equipment, but considerable more personal attention from the trainers/coaches. The WOD is the same for everyone. The intensity and type of exercise is scaled to each individual’s current fitness level. We train for total body movement that:

  • engage and recruit multiple muscle groups simultaneously

  • use intervals to exercise the body’s metabolic engines (cardio)

  • utilize body weight, free weights, medicine balls, jump ropes, plyo boxes, kettlebells, etc.

  • can be performed in an effective and timely manner

Our benchmark is performance of workouts not weight gain/loss. Frequency of performance, round/circuit times, pounds moved, rest periods taken and intensity are all recorded.This is your personal motivational tool for your next attempt when benchmark workouts are revisited.

Training takes place in either personal sessions or small group sessions. Group training offers a high level of personal attention with the addition of positive peer influence. Natural camaraderie, competition and fun of sport yield an intensity that is unparalleled and cannot be experienced in one-on-one training. You are motivated to push harder in a group dynamic.

CrossFit training is hard – we won’t water it down. You will be physically and mentally challenged each and every time you step through the door. The biggest challenge is not the WOD, it is your motivation. Ready to go from saying, “I could never do that!” to, “I can’t believe I just did that!” ?