Razor’s Edge Fitness-CrossFit Pensacola Weightlifting Club (REF-CP WLC) is a registered club with USA Weightlifting, the national governing body of Olympic Weightlifting under the United States Olympic Committee in the United States.

Our doors are always open to athletes of ALL ages who want to learn the sport. Our training philosophy focuses on the use of olympic lifts and crossfit training to enhancing performance and prevent injury.We train athletes to become better Olympic Weightlifters as well as any athlete more explosive and powerful in their respective sport.

Athletes train in our gym in downtown Pensacola, which is resourced with all the equipment necessary to build a more powerful and durable athlete. It’s programming is biased toward athletes who want to compete in local and national competitions as well as CrossFit athletes who would like to dedicate a period of focused effort on improving their lifts.

  • Club Schedule – The Club will meet 6 times a week: 4:30-7:00PM Monday thru Friday and 8:30-10:30AM Saturday
  • Club Membership (limited space) – Membership is open to novice and experienced athletes. REF-CP members and non-members who are interested in keeping fit, getting stronger and those wanting to train and compete in can join the club.
  • Membership Fees
    $70 per month for training 3 days a week.
    To pay… go to The Store
  • Additional Fees
    Club members are expected be current members of USAW…To join click the link below.
    USAW membership information